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I am doing something good for my body and the world

TISO - Our Core Values

Working for Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc. is an opportunity to reach your full potential in your career. We’re a company that values open, honest, positive and future-focused communication. Our employees enjoy a highly cooperative and collaborative work environment where they are encouraged to contribute and make a difference. Our corporate culture is built on four pillars. These include: Trust, Integrity, Solidarity and Openness.

Meet Eric Byun

Eric is known and respected throughout the organization for his positive attitude, creative thinking and professionalism. Eric Byun is the Product Technology Center Lead at Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc. and works from our Product Technology and Innovation Center. In addition he can frequently be found working in our manufacturing plants when his technological skills are called for.

A food industry veteran for 15 years, his areas of expertise include food science and microbiology, food product research and development, production management, and food process engineering. Eric received his education in South Korea where he earned his Master’s degree in Microbiology.


Eric Byun